About me

I offer career coaching for people at different stages of their work lives and place an emphasis on helping my clients understand and explore what they want, who they are and how they show up in the world.

Nicol Chaplin - Career Coach London

I believe that, by helping my clients build personal awareness about what makes them tick, it will help them make more informed decisions on what they want from their careers.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is that every person matters and are their own best experts and so my aim is to provide a coaching approach and environment where people feel comfortable to be themselves, explore issues and be open to trying out new ideas.   

Career Coach London

I work with independent professional clients from all walks of life

Insurance, financial services, charity, retail, public service, legal, design and marketing and IT and am happy to be involved in other sectors.

I am a licensed Firework Career Change coach and I use this model as part of my work with clients who want to understand more about themselves. I also have an MSc in Executive Coaching from Ashridge Business School which enables me to use a blended approach of models and frameworks from the humanistic and behavioural schools of psychology. This enables me to work at a deeper level with my clients, helping them understand more about their own needs and reactions as well as enabling them to see seemingly insurmountable issues from different viewpoints.  

Psychometric Testing

In my career coaching I mainly use the psychometric tool, Extended DISC as it provides people with additional information about their core and preferred behavioural styles as well as providing valuable information about relating to other people. Both particularly useful for influencing and building relationships within the workplace. 

Additional Qualifications

I am a professional executive coach accredited by Ashridge Business School. I also have qualifications in personal performance coaching, Neurolinguistic programming (NLP), transactional analysis, health & wellbeing and stress management coaching, all of which enrich my coaching offer to my clients. Finally I am a member of the UK Association of Coaching and follow their code of ethics. I also attend regular coaching supervision.