Making a success of it

In a career there are many different aspects that you need pay attention to in order to keep it fresh, challenging and interesting.  The range of issues under this heading are extensive but I have found that recurring themes tend to be around progression and working relationships.

career coach for succesful career
  • “I like to share ideas and work collaboratively but I am working with someone who always makes out that they are her ideas alone.”
  • “I have been overlooked for promotion again!”
  • “I love my job but feel undermined continually by my boss.”
  • “I find conflict difficult and I am working for someone who appears to thrive on it.”
  • “I work really hard but feel undervalued by my colleagues and my boss.”
Nicol Chaplin - Career Coach London

Actively managing yourself at work is important for your self esteem, growth and wellbeing. Many of my clients return to see me over the years to discuss different aspects of their work. Below are some of the areas that I help people plan and also take appropriate action.

  • Setting objectives and goals for your career path
  • Transitioning into a new role (in a new or existing company)
  • Managing team responsibilities
  • Adding value to your role
  • Promotion plans
  • Understanding your own development needs
  • Building productive relationships and networks in and outside of the organisation
  • Managing difficult relationships and conflict situations
  • Effective influencing and understanding how different personality styles like to behave and work
  • Delivering impactful presentations
  • Building self confidence and assertiveness
  • Managing self-doubts and stress levels

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