Finding What's right for you

Starting out or changing career direction can be difficult and I find clients who are in this category often feel as though they are fresh out of ideas. The following gives a flavour of what people first say to me when they are you looking to make a change in their careers.  

career coaching - career direction
  • “I am just starting to think about work but I’m not sure what’s right for me”
  • “I’ve had a career break and now want to get back into work but I just don’t know how to start”
  • “I’m stuck and unhappy in my job but don’t know what else would suit me”
  • “I’ve reached a crossroads in my career and it’s time for me to do something else but I don’t know what”
  • “I fell into my job years ago but I don’t think it’s what I want to do going forward, so I need some help figuring out the alternatives”
Nicol Chaplin - Career Coach London

These are real issues and if you are starting your work life, re-evaluating your career direction or just want to increase your self-awareness, I can help you by;

  • Helping you move from uncertainty about what you want, to articulating your own career vision.​
  • Discovering who you are by exploring: your purpose, what your values are, where your strengths lie, re-igniting your passions, improving self-awareness to better understand yourself and others and then helping you combine these to find a fulfilling career. ​
  • Exploring what areas and ideas hold a real interest for you and helping you understand how to translate them into today’s job market. ​

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