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Going beyond careers advice, Chaplin Coaching is here to help you recognise your values and your goals and make a success of them.

Looking for a career advisor in London?

Whilst a career advisor can give you recommendations and guidance for career change, a career coach can elevate your understanding of yourself and your goals. With career coaching, you can increase your self-awareness and steer your own path to success. A careers coach can help you at any stage of your career, whether you’re just starting to look for work, want a career change or having challenges in your current role.

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Career Advisor vs Career Coach

  • A career advisor tends to offer direct recommendations and advice for what you should do
  • A career advisor will often focus on specific or short-term goals
  • Working with a career advisor is more of a one-way relationship whereby they offer you advice to take
  • A career advisor will listen to your situation and then offer a solution based on their understanding and experience
  • A career advisor will often be on hand to help when there is a specific career challenge you need guidance for
  • A career coach will work with you to understand your personality and your goals and create a plan to achieve these goals
  • A career coach will help you to determine what the challenges are you are facing and establish long and short-term goals to overcome them
  • Working with a career coach is a co-creative process between client and coach and therefore unique to each individual
  • A career coach will work with you to help you determine what steps you want to take and support as you take action
  • A career coach can help you for specific situations but can also be on hand to help over longer periods of time too

My London career coaching service

As a specialist career coach, I have experience working with London professionals in a wide range of industries. My career coaching service falls into three distinct categories where I have found my clients tend to struggle.

Finding what’s right for you

My clients often cite struggling to know what direction to go in with their career as a big problem. Whether just starting out or looking for a change, my career guidance can help you with self-awareness and re-evaluating your goals.

Landing the job

Maybe you know what industry you want to work in and your dream job role, but landing the job is another big challenge in itself. I work with clients to prepare them for interviews to ensure that they do everything in their power to impress.

Making a success of it

Once in the job, it’s not always easy to keep your career on the right path. I work with clients to ensure that their job is kept fresh and challenging. Together we can manage different aspects of your career, such as conflict and promotion plans, and ensure that appropriate action is taken to keep your goals on track.

Client for Career Advice in London

London client after redundancy seeks advice

Based in London, this client arrived for career advice after she had been made redundant twice. She was confused about what she wanted from her career and felt bruised by her career experience.  My coaching approach centred around helping her understand what she really wanted from her work and where she would find it.

“Working with Nicol gave me a richer understanding of who I am and how I can thrive personally and professionally. She encouraged clarity by listening to my career experiences and enabled me to visualise what to pursue and crucially, what to avoid. Thanks to Nicol I feel empowered by the work I am doing now.”

Change of career for London PR Client

Having been self-employed in the London PR sector for many years this client wanted to change her career to find something that was better suited to her. Self-discovery was our main focus of career coaching as well as building her confidence in her abilities as she had self-doubts having been out of the job market for a year on maternity leave.
“I highly recommend career coaching with Nicol. I was really unhappy in my job but it felt like such a big decision to ‘take the plunge’ and change career. I didn’t know what I wanted to do and I felt nervous of the unknown. Nicol helped me understand what I value most in a job in order to thrive. She facilitated our sessions so that I arrived at a new choice of career that felt absolutely right and excited me.”

Could you benefit from career guidance?

“I know I have skills but I’m not sure where they would best fit or what job would be right for me”

“I’ve built up my experience and worked hard but I have been overlooked for promotion again”

“After a few rejections at interviews, my confidence has been knocked and I’m not sure where I’m going wrong”

If the above scenarios sound familiar, you could benefit from career coaching

For a Career Advisor / Career Coach

If you’re struggling to move forward with your career, Chaplin Coaching is on hand to help with professional career coaching in London