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In the UK the average person spends over 90,000 hours in a lifetime at work.

Are you looking for career coaching in London?

Chaplin Coaching can help. It’s so important to find a career that works for you as much as you work for it. A career coach can help you at any stage of your career, whether you’re just starting out, firmly on the ladder or somewhere in between. My career coaching is here to help you to re-evaluate, realise your goals and help you to achieve them.

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How a career coach can help

Make the most of the job market in London with a career coach who can help you realise your goals and seize every exciting opportunity the busy capital has to offer.

My specialist career coaching services fall into three distinct areas

Finding what’s right for you

Often for those starting work life, re-evaluating their career direction or wanting to increase self-awareness


  • Helping you to move from uncertainty to clarity for your career
  • Improving your self-awareness to understand your strengths, values and passions
  • Helping you to understand where your interests are best represented in the jobs market

Landing the job

For those who know what they want to do but want support to make sure they nail their interview

Helping you with the interview process including:

  • Tailoring your skills and experience to the role and creating a narrative around this
  • Practicing interview questions and responses
  • Professional coaching for boosting your self-belief and developing strategies to combat anxiety and nerves

Making a success of it

It’s one thing to land a job, but maintaining a career that is interesting and valuable to you can be a challenge in itself

  • Clients for career coaching often benefit from progression and working relationship support
  • Help with managing team responsibilities and conflict
  • Career coaching support with promotion plans
  • Specialist support for managing self-doubts, building self-confidence and assertiveness.

Career coaching and guidance leading to change

 My career coaching in London will always be tailored to your needs and unique situation, wherever you are in your career. With my career guidance, together we can determine what steps are needed to benefit your career and how we can make these changes happen.

Why work with Chaplin Coaching?

  • A career coaching service in London which will help you to make beneficial changes to your career, unlock your potential and be successful in what you do.
  • As a career coach, I will help you to explore and understand who you are, what you want and how to get it.
  • My career coaching is always an individual service and tailored around my client’s unique personality, situation and experiences.
  • I have experience helping independent professional clients from a wide range of job sectors
  • I am a licensed Firework Career Change Coach
  • I have an MSc in Executive Coaching from Ashridge Business School
  • I mainly use the psychometric tool, Extended DISC as this provides my clients with valuable information about their behavioural styles and relating to other people which is integral to understanding how to build relationships in the workplace

Client for Career Coaching in London

Helping London client to succeed in job

Recently promoted into a very challenging senior management role with large London based organisation, this client struggled with self-doubt about his ability to do the job (imposter’s syndrome). Coaching helped increase his confidence, gave him strategies to deal with conflict situations and helped him develop his resilience.  

“Nicol helped me at a particularly difficult time of my career. I was struggling to manage the many difficult leadership and people challenges that came with the territory. She helped me navigate many high conflict work scenarios and in particular the excessive demands and style of my manager. Her coaching helped me build the resilience needed to succeed.”  

Getting career back on track

This client came for career coaching because she had been overlooked for a promotion and wanted to change the way she was seen by her managers and take steps that would positively influence their view of her abilities. Our coaching work focused on helping her develop self-awareness, modelling others and confidence building strategies.

“As a direct result of coaching I have been able to improve a key relationship at work. I have also used techniques of noticing body posture and modelling others. I put this to particularly good effect in a presentation I made to 50 people with excellent feedback from my manager.”

Could you benefit from career support?

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